Kill The Credit Union Org Chart: Revisited

Sample Credit Union Value Chain

In 2011 we published a post titled “Kill the Credit Union Org Chart” that continues to drive a substantial amount of site traffic. In that post we outlined a different way of thinking about credit union organizational structure than the typical departmental approach taken by most credit unions. Consider this post a long overdue supplement. Continue reading “Kill The Credit Union Org Chart: Revisited”

Evaluating and Selecting Critical Vendors

A press item on the GC site announcing a conference speaking appearance a few months ago continues to draw daily interest. A lot of daily interest. The session topic? “The Proper Method for Vendor Evaluation and Selection.” Given the level of interest, we thought we would turn the presentation material used at that conference into a blog post to better satisfy those looking for concrete information on selecting critical vendors. Continue reading “Evaluating and Selecting Critical Vendors”