Tom to Speak at CUC Roundtable Conference

GC’s Tom Glatt will speak at CU Conferences’ 2019 Director’s Roundtable Conference. This conference, to be held October 14 – 18, 2019 at the Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, California, offers credit union volunteers and CEOs access to in-depth sessions focused on credit union governance and strategy issues. Tom will speak on organizational structure. The full session description is listed below.

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Building a Better Organizational Structure

Did you know that misaligned credit union organizational structure the root cause of poor performance? That’s right. If your organizational structure is not built well you will be more likely to have lower growth rates, smaller financial relationships, lower efficiency, and higher delinquencies and charge offs than your peers. Organizational structure matters, and it should be of critical concern to you as a credit union leader.

So, what is the right way to align your credit union? In this timely session long-time credit union consultant Tom Glatt, Jr. will share insight gleaned from of a career’s worth of study of the organizational alignment and placement of key management and governance disciplines at leading institutions – leaving you with effective ideas and strategies for reorganizing your credit union for maximum performance and results.

About Glatt Consulting

Glatt Consulting Group, Inc. provides distinctive strategy consulting that leads to achievement, growth, and financial health for our credit union clients. Our specialties include assistance in defining corporate strategy, elevating board governance, designing organizational structure and workflow, and working with credit union leadership teams to improve and better leverage organizational culture.

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Kill The Credit Union Org Chart: Revisited

Sample Credit Union Value Chain

In 2011 we published a post titled “Kill the Credit Union Org Chart” that continues to drive a substantial amount of site traffic. In that post we outlined a different way of thinking about credit union organizational structure than the typical departmental approach taken by most credit unions. Consider this post a long overdue supplement. Continue reading “Kill The Credit Union Org Chart: Revisited”

Is your team aligned? Is it ready to execute in 2013?

As you prepare for the execution of your credit union’s 2013 strategic plans, consider this question: Do you know whether the organizational priorities of your management team are aligned? Furthermore, do you know whether team members share the same views on current credit union performance? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then your 2013 performance might be much less successful than you expect. Continue reading “Is your team aligned? Is it ready to execute in 2013?”