2016 Credit Union Strategic Planning

Glatt Consulting is now scheduling 2016 strategic planning process/meeting facilitation. We have outlined our general approach to credit union strategic planning in this post to give you an idea of how we manage credit union planning sessions. We invite you to leverage Glatt Consulting’s 20 years of consulting experience to your advantage during your credit union’s planning session this year. Continue reading “2016 Credit Union Strategic Planning”

Credit Union Health After A Name Change

Ny Name Is...

There have been a number of noteworthy credit union name changes as of late. The trend resulted in some internal curiosity at GC about the health benefits of name changes and associated rebranding. In this post we explore changes in the health of eight credit unions following their reinvention. Names have been changed to protect the innocent… Continue reading “Credit Union Health After A Name Change”

Understanding Disruption


Have you been challenged to be disruptive? Have you been told you will be disrupted? Disruption is an important topic of conversation. There is, however, a critical understanding of disruption necessary in order to truly define and embrace disruptive influences and actions. Curious? Read on. Continue reading “Understanding Disruption”

2014 Strategic Planning

Glatt Consulting offers an effective, tested strategic planning process for credit unions. Interested in having us participate in your 2014 planning efforts? Our schedule fills up fast so contact the office today to discuss process and availability for a summer or fall session. Tel: (888) 217-5988 or schedule a conference call using our scheduling service.

Continue reading “2014 Strategic Planning”

Does Product Packaging Matter?

Simple Welcome Card

Apple, Simple Offer Packaging Inspiration for Credit Unions

One of the more fascinating anecdotes about Apple is how much they care about packaging. While many companies give packaging hardly a second thought, or others try to minimize the ancillary cost of packaging with the cheapest materials they can find, Apple has (apparently) a room dedicated to package design. Overkill or brand builder? Continue reading “Does Product Packaging Matter?”