Glatt Consulting: What Do We Do All Day?

Glatt Consulting

Glatt Consulting has been involved in a number of varied and interesting credit union projects in recent years. In this post we have included ten recent and/or ongoing projects along with basic narrative to provide some guidance regarding our approach. If you are interested in assistance in any of these areas, schedule a complimentary conference call to discuss how you might leverage Glatt Consulting for your credit union’s benefit.

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Should You Be Dogfooding At Your Credit Union?

Dog Food

Ever heard of dogfooding? According to a post on the widely-read business-meets-technology blog GigaOM, dogfooding is the “yucky-sounding policy of many tech companies that try to mandate their employees use that company’s products (and only that company’s products) at work.” Now that you know what it is, the big question is whether you should have a doogfooding policy at your credit union.

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Credit Union Board Succession: A Process Guide

A board, as a governing body, has certain responsibilities defined by laws, industry rules and regulations, and general policy. Board members are assessed and held accountable via elections and regulatory oversight for their performance in relation to these responsibilities, which commonly include:(1) Continue reading “Credit Union Board Succession: A Process Guide”