Are Credit Unions Too Big To Be Cooperatives?

CUinsight Cooperative Article

Originally published June 25, 2012 on

A recent article published by The Guardian highlighted the lifestyle of Brazilian villagers living on an island known as Liha das Cinzas (The Island of Cinders). The gist of the article is how this small group of villagers came together to improve the yields of their main food source and the volume of harvest for their main cash crops. While the article has nothing to do with credit unions, it did spark a thought related to the credit union community, making we wonder: have credit unions become too big to truly operate like cooperatives. Continue reading “Are Credit Unions Too Big To Be Cooperatives?”

GCLLC’s Tom Glatt Quoted in THiNK Magazine

Glatt Consulting, LLC owner and executive consultant Tom Glatt was quoted in a THiNK Magazine article on credit union efficiency. THiNK Magazine, a Co-Op Initiative, is billed as a leading online resource for CU knowledge, creativity and innovation.  Continue reading “GCLLC’s Tom Glatt Quoted in THiNK Magazine”