GCLLC’s Tom Glatt Published in CU Management’s Tech Time

Glatt Consulting, LLC’s Tom Glatt, Jr. authored a Credit Union Management web article titled Tech Time: Evaluating Big-Ticket Purchases. The article appears in Credit Union Management magazine’s online “Tech Time” column, and is available at: http://www.cumanagement.org/article/view/id/Tech-time-evaluating-big-ticket-purchases

Credit Union Management Magazine is a publication of Credit Union Executives Society (CUES), provider of education and development resources for credit union leaders.

Tech Time: Evaluating Big-Ticket Purchases covers a methodology developed by Glatt Consulting, LLC for evaluating vendors and vendor purchases relative to the elements of a credit union’s value proposition. The methodology is based on David Aaker’s Competitor Ranking Model. Vendor evaluation is a component of Glatt Consulting, LLC’s broader array of strategic consulting services.

Tom Glatt, Jr. is the founder of Glatt Consulting, LLC and serves as senior consultant for the firm’s credit union clientele.

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